Location and Directions


I moved my office to a new location and as of March 2021, I am no longer inside Advanced Spine.
My new office is located 3 blocks from the old clinic - contact details are:

Roger Robbins, LMT
The Restorative Touch
4100 Spring Valley Rd STE 674
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

Business Mobile. 214-843-0724
e-Mail Roger@RogerRobbins.com
Web http://RogerRobbins.com

The new office is on the 6th floor of a 10-story tower on the Southeast corner of Midway and Spring Valley - there's a McDonald's in the parking lot. You'll find 2-hour visitor parking in front of the building.

Once inside take the elevators to the 6th floor, walk through the double glass doors toward the lounge area with windows, then turn to your right. My office is the at the end of the hallway, last door on the left, STE 674.